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When a baby is born, life takes a big turn. Little ones have an enormous capacity to transform us deeply. Not only a baby is born, but a mother is born, new ideals and new ambitions are born.

With motherhood, a new dream began to emerge in me. I felt he deserved more and it awakened my creative instinct. I began to draw and produce my own clothes, with a lot of mothers love.

But soon I realized the involvement and interest of the people around me. The little things that I had created with such affection awoke the affection of other parents, who wished to give the best to their little ones.

Time passes quickly and new opportunities have also grown. I fell in love! I thought it made perfect sense and prepared to assume it head-to-head and heart, a year after the birth of my son I dedicated myself 100% to the project, which I called Petit Biscuit.

Ana Roque · Founder

Petit Biscuit Our Brand
Our Brand

Petit Biscuit was born in the Algarve in October 2015 with its eyes set worldwide.

Each season present different and innovative collections of baby and child clothing, not departing from its main characteristics: love, quality, and artisanal/handmade confection.

It all began in the home office, where I confectioned all the little things in a craft way by order. Suddenly there was a need to request for help to respond to the gradual increase of orders. The increasing demand for our products took us to a natural need to organize our activity, so we create the company and registered brand and logo in a way to start a legal business.

Nowadays, Petit Biscuit has 3 sub-collections: newborn, baby and child. Everything is designed and prepared in advance, all materials are chosen, sent to small workshops of national confection, and only then presented to our clients, each collection is limited to the existing stock.

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